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Corporate Cleaning will design the right package of services needed for your facility’s employees and customers to stay healthy and productive. And because we offer flexible scheduling, you’ll only pay for the services you need. Choose from an ongoing arrangement (daily or weekly), or hire us on a per-project basis.

We specialize in commercial cleaning and janitorial services in the following settings:

    General offices, industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, financial institutions and automotive
    Private and parochial schools, child development centers, daycare facilities, colleges and universities, technical institutes, trade schools, charter schools and academies, public schools and professional schools
    Surgical centers, clinics, urgent care, hospitals, medical laboratories, dialysis centers, family and pediatric practices, plasma donation centers, assisted living and long term care facilities and general medical offices
    Synagogues, temples, mosques, and all denominations of churches from small to megachurch
We offer the following services:
DailyCleaningDaily & Weekly Cleaning Schedules Power WashingPower Washing ConstructionCleanupConstruction Clean-Up
OpeningLockupOpening & Lockup TileGroutTile & Grout FloorCareFloor Care
DailyPorterDay Porter WindowsWindows CarpetCareCarpet Care
SuppliesSupplies BlindCleaningBlind Cleaning SetupsSetups

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