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“Wise planning, dependable service, cordial employees and timely communication have marked our relationship with Corporate Cleaning Group. Our sense is that the firm’s leadership and staff understand and embrace our culture to pursue excellence, which is founded in God-honoring stewardship of what belongs to Him. Since the church facility is an extension of effective ministry, we have been blessed thus far by this ministry partnership.”

“Corporate Cleaning has served us for over three years. The building is huge and has many meetings on a daily basis, which requires attention to detail and excellent cleaning at all times.Congregations meet on Sundays for a worship service as well as cooking and eating in theFellowship Hall. It is essential that the food areas as well as the entire building are kept in good shape. Corporate Cleaning continues to do a superb job in this respect.”

“Corporate Cleaning Group has been cleaning our facility for about 3 years now. We have found them to be extremely flexible in meeting our needs for special events. They have changed their work hours, days of work and added other specialized staff when needed. We have found the staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, competent, and dependable. By having them do our basic janitorial work in a cost effective way it has freed up resources for other facility
maintenance needs. We appreciate having the opportunity to work with them.”

“Corporate Cleaning Group has been our cleaning partner for over nine years. We selected CCG for their competitive pricing, extensive knowledge of church operations and their flexibility to staff cleaners when and where we needed them the most. They have been a great partner for us.”

“Corporate Cleaning has been a valuable partner with our facilities for the past 3 years. In that time Corporate Cleaning has met our increasing demands as our day school’s activities have increased, the Church’s activities have grown, and so has the size of the facility. We have activities at our facility nearly every day of the year, and the good people at Corporate Cleaning are incredibly reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and efficient. We are very thankful to be partnered with Corporate Cleaning.”

“Corporate Cleaning is way more than just a vendor to us! Over the years, we have developed a great relationship with their management team as well as their “front–line” staff. We know we can rest easy knowing their team is taking care of so many things for us. At our Church we highly value a “positive first impression” for all of our attendees and guests. CCG allows us to focus on ministry and sharing Christ’s love, while they take care of cleaning the facility and ensuring a great campus experience. In a very fast-paced environment where ministries are constantly changing and have various needs, CCG has totally been an agent of flexibility and reliability for us!”

“Cleaning a church property has lots of additional challenges for the custodial staff, special services like funerals, holy days, Bible study classes and other interruptions to the normal work day. Emma and her team have been flexible to work around the demands of parish life, quick to respond to our changing needs and always a delight to work with.”


“In 2005 our school relocated to a 26,000 sq. ft. building. After working with five different companies in five years, we were fortunate to find Corporate Cleaning Group in 2010. Corporate Cleaning has provided reliable cleaning service with staffing levels appropriate for a large building. We don’t have to worry or wonder whether the crew will complete their nightly cleaning. Corporate’s office is professional and responsive. The office and crew understand the needs of school with elementary and middle school students.”

“I have been extremely pleased with the level of service Corporate Cleaning Group has given to our Church and School. I personally know what it takes to clean and maintain this facility as I have gone to church here 42 years and was a custodian many years back. I have been the church secretary for the last 13 years. I almost hate to say “the custodians” as I have grown to have a friendship with the staff of Corporate Cleaning Group. In the event we need some new cleaning project done, something changed or even a special request, it is done almost immediately. I have never noticed any lapse in service, we have great communication and the buildings just sparkle! In the summer when the floors are stripped and waxed they look beautiful and it is done in such a timely manner that you hardly know that the floor crew was here! I highly recommend Corporate Cleaning group for large and small businesses.”


“Corporate Cleaning, from the start, has been prompt and responsive to our needs. The staff is a pleasure to work with and see whenever they are in our building. Very attentive to our needs and the quality is top notch.”

“In my experience with Corporate Cleaning I have found them to be professional, flexible, and reliable. The evening crew does an excellent job of cleaning and respecting patient confidentiality. The day porter is very willing to take on extra duties as the day demands, cleaning up after lunch meetings, getting a room ready for a meeting, cleaning areas that the evening crew cannot clean due to patient confidentiality. I am happy to discuss their work in person if asked.”


“We have used Corporate Cleaning Group since we opened our doors over two and a half years ago. They do a wonderful job, are reliable and easy and easy to work with. The first impression of our customers is crucial to our business and we trust Corporate Cleaning Group to keep our office clean!”

“I have over fifteen years of experience in property management. Our portfolio is approaching a million and a quarter square feet. I have worked with many cleaning companies, and I can easily and sincerely say that the Corporate Cleaning Group is one of the best. They clean a significant portion of our properties. Key for me is the hands on approach by the owners. They are committed to providing excellent service and have put together and maintain an excellent team of people to do the cleaning. Whether it is the day to day responsibilities or something special or extraordinary, Corporate Cleaning has been reliable and dependable.”

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